barranca X T2 collaboration

To make barranca more like your ‘home away from home’ we have collaborated with T2 who now supply four delicious blends to our luxury villas. We feel the alignment is perfect as we share many of the same philosophies and principles, plus we love their tea.

T2 is all about reinventing and reimagining the humble tea leaf, just as we are about reinventing country farm stays and reimagining luxury accommodation and events. They, like us, are also about striving to reduce their footprint and ensuring they are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as they can be.

We hope that every cup you brew at barranca is a chance to make your tea ritual and your stay even more enjoyable. Scroll down to see our ‘T2 tea menu’, and watch this space for recipes and new tea additions…


Just Peppermint
Lush peppermint leaves create a bright infusion, hot or cold. A well-rounded flavour captures the sweet essence of all things minty with a cool lingering aroma to freshen your day.
Enjoy with: Perfect on its own.

English Breakfast
A traditional blend of Sri Lankan broken-leaf teas that produces a coppery liquor with an assertive aroma. The flavour is bright and brisk, perfect any time of the day.
Enjoy with: Milk.

{Tea tip: add a little soda water and squeeze of lemon for refreshing ‘tea-change’}




Just Chamomile
A fragrant infusion of golden chamomile flowers will transport you to a field of sweet cut hay in the summertime. These chamomile tea bags are a great start or finish to your day.
Enjoy with: Perfect on its own or with a drizzle of honey.

China Jasmine
A blend of green tea and jasmine produces a light yellow infusion with a delicate jasmine scent. A very popular jasmine green tea, great for everyday drinking or as an accompaniment to Asian food.
Enjoy with: Perfect on its own.

FYI: T2 teabags are made from food-grade corn starch. They are both biodegradable and compostable. Plus our tea selection is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


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