Equine Program

Our Equine Executive Program is a collaboration between barranca, The Cedars Shire Horse Stud and Flying Change Leadership.

It has been developed over the last 20 years to allow participants to appreciate the nature and behaviour of horses and watch how horses mirror human behaviour. This is the way that our guests learn to improve their communication skills and confidence.

Equine experiences at barranca: With professional horse trainer, riding instructor and mentor, Scott Brodie at the helm, the training program is easily learned with little or no prior horse experience. Both the location and the horses provide a harmonious union to support the program. The docile and calming nature of the Shire breed is very well suited for human interaction. Scott also rescues ex-racehorses to retrain and utilise them as riding horses.

Some of the skills taught in barranca‘s Equine Executive program relate to day-to-day life skills and attitudes. For example; if you approach a horse in an aggressive manner the horse will run away. Participants soon learn to approach horses and humans in a calmer, less aggressive way encouraging the use of engagement rather than force.

The skills developed in the program can help to improve participant’s insight into their own behaviour which ultimately will result in improving their productivity, health and wellbeing.

Some of the benefits include:
Developing empathy
Reading and interpreting body language
Utilising body language as a means of communication
Problem-solving and calm decision making
Patience and anger control

Suitable program participants:
The following are examples of groups who can benefit from the Equine Program:
* Corporate groups wanting to engage in team-building and motivational activities. {We have bespoke Equine Corporate Retreats available.}
* Active and returned servicemen
* Firemen, police, ambulance services
* People who have been in accidents or experienced trauma (e.g. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD)
* Anyone suffering from a mental illness
* Those with social disorders or confidence issues

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