Leave coastal waves behind and open your mind to the brave new world of ‘wild swimming’. We have a creek on the property which is just a short walk from your villa, or you could visit these two close-by locations.
FLAT ROCK –  This natural swimming pool encompasses a large open area with water running from two directions. There is a deeper water for swimming and floating, and a smaller rock pool for kids.
UNDER THE HAMPDEN BRIDGE – Find this swimming spot right under the famous Hampden Bridge. There is a sturdy sandbank to set up your stuff, and a 70-metre pool (swing rope and all) to enjoy.


Take the concept of relaxing and eating to another level and leave the food preparation to us. Why not enhance your experience with some delicious artisan-produced foods, individually prepared and awaiting your arrival in your villa.

We will contact you prior to your arrival about your selection and dietary requirements – or please contact our caretakers.


Nestled in the Australian bushland, you will see a multitude of wildlife species in the open paddocks and in the rainforest environment.

Some you will see are; echidnas, wallabies, wombats, kangaroos, kookaburras, and the many varieties of birdlife including lyrebirds.

You may also be lucky enough to see one of our most elusive native animals, the platypus.


A fifteen-minute walk from your villa is an amazing fresh running water creek where you can sit in the natural rock pools.

Don’t forget to ‘look up’ into the river gums that line the creek and you’ll see the enormous Staghorns.

We don’t allow vehicles down the creek and the walk home is all uphill and not for the faint-hearted. If you would like to be taken down or picked up please ask our Caretaker who would be happy to drive you down in the ute.


Every morning at 8am you’re more than welcome to come and help feed barranca’s animals breakfast.

Horses, donkeys, cows and pigs – if you’re an animal lover, it’s your chance to get up close with our farm family.

Check-in with our caretakers when you arrive for more details.


barranca is surrounded by uninterrupted bushland and breathtaking escarpment. Follow the marked trails for an amazing bushwalking experience that will take you through untouched bushland.

From gentle walks to experienced treks, barranca features kilometres of various grades of safe walking tracks that are perfect for every fitness level.

Check with our caretakers about saying hi to our Shire horses as you pass by.

You’ll find walking maps in your villa.


Your perfect botanical spa experience awaits.  Feel completely relaxed with an aromatic foot bath and the invigorating effects of our botanical scrub to polish and revitalise tired aching legs.

Awaken the senses with a massage tailored to your needs, focusing on the back, neck and shoulders using warm organic coconut oil and hot towels to help release muscle tension.

Complete the experience with a petite-spa facial designed to brighten and revitalise the skin. Finish with native tea to further reduce stress and anxiety. More details here


Nestled in the Australian bushland, you will see a multitude of birds flying above the open paddocks and in the rainforest environment.

You will find binoculars on the coffee table, you’re more than welcome to use them to bird watch, please look after them.

You may be lucky to see the two wedge-tail eagles that live in the nearby mountains and as they can often be seen circling barranca in the afternoon looking for their supper.


barranca lies in a valley all of its own away from the city lights, so on a clear night, it makes for the perfect conditions to look up and gaze at the stars.

On a clear night look up, you’ll be amazed.

Download the SkyView app on your phone to help you identify stars, constellations, satellites, and more!