The time Boss Hunting & McLaren visited

We’re so wrapped that Boss Hunting drove to Kangaroo Valley and stayed at barranca while road-testing the McLaren Grand Tourer. Here are few snippets from their stay before you click through to see the supercar review post…

“On paper, a McLaren GT seemed like an automotive oxymoron. How could a company associated with producing lightweight, driver-focused supercars, enter a market segment flooded with over-fed, numb, highway cruisers? Would that famous chassis be compromised to accommodate interior gimmicks? Or was the GT just a supercar with thicker seats? So, we decided a road trip from Sydney to Kangaroo Valley was necessary to sort the carbon from the caviar.”

“With the smell of brakes and rubber lingering in the air as we roared down into the valley and arrived at the entrance to Barranca, we thought it would be a good time to chime in the standard lift kit, dial everything down a notch, and reflect on what a remarkable package the McLaren GT truly is.”

Experience the scenic drive to Kangaroo Valley and barranca for yourself!

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